About Roger Harris

Um. So much to say, so little time to say it... I was born in England, raised in Africa. Wandered around Europe for a bit. Went to university and studied biology. That changed my life. Then I came to the States and studied more biology. Then I wandered around South America for a bit. Then I wondered. Then I moved to North Carolina and here I am! Life is an adventure for me. A journey. And each moment is a place, to be savored and treasured. Follow @rharris on Twitter. I love to write about the biggest jungle of them all, the Amazon rainforest. The third edition of my book The Amazon: The Bradt Travel Guide was published in August 2007. First published in 1997, this book was the first travel guide to the Amazon. I am working on another travel guide, Amazon Highlights, to be published September 2011 by the UK's Bradt Travel Publications. It's aimed at first-time travelers to the Amazon who are trying to decided which of the many options would best suit their interests and budget. The guide and Amazon Highlights include dozens of gorgeous photos, hinting at the majesty and mystery of one of the world’s great places. A few pictures from my website made the cut. Check them out on my Flickr pages or on my website Jungle Photos They say as much about me as any words can...

Amazon Highlights Companion Website

Welcome to the companion website for Amazon Highlights by Roger Harris. Amazon Highlights is a travel guide to the Amazon rainforest due for publication September 2011. Amazon Highlights helps travellers with the tough choices. The guide is designed to help you find the Amazon’s best destinations, tour operators, naturalist guides and wildlife.

This website provides complementary and supplementary information to help readers get the most out of the book. While anyone can access the site’s content, I recommend you purchase the book to get the most out of your visit to the Amazon.

Besides the latest Amazon news and updates, this site includes information and resources that could not be included in the book due to space limits.